Tuesday, June 10, 2008

off to VBS

Here are Sara and Ashley this morning on the way out of the door to go to VBS. Sara is swallowed up by her shirt. Ashley didn't get her VBS shirt until we got there this morning but I put a lime green hair bow in for her so she could match.
Not quite sure why Ashley's standing this way. lol Check out Sara's new flip flops....I made them for her last night. They match her hair bow.
This one is cute. Sara is almost as tall as Ashley!


Shelly said...

Oh soooo cute! Where is Kyle and Emma? Well ok I know where Kyle is throwing a fit somewhere. LOL

Cortni said...

lol I took these right before he trew a fit...Emma was actually inside brushing her hair so she could come out and take a pic, but we were distracted trying to get Kyle in the car.