Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Blissfully Domestic

Okay, I am really excited to announce the launch of a new website called Blissfully Domestic. I have been chosen (along with probably a 1000 other people I'm sure) to be a contributing writer on the Home & Garden channel of the website. Pretty exciting huh?!

I think it's fantastic and the other ladies on there are awesome. They are smart, funny, down-to-earth and full of great info on just about anything you need info on!! The website has a channel for everyone. There is Blissful Home, Blissful Style, Creative Bliss, Family Bliss, Financial Bliss, Healthy Bliss, Photo Bliss, Inspired Bliss and lot's more!!

I am totally in love with this site so make sure you visit it and tell all of your friends!! My first article hasn't posted yet, but believe me I will tell you when it does!! You can always find a link to Blissfully Domestic and the Blissful Home channel on the left sidebar of my blog!

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