Saturday, September 20, 2008

Operation Worship

I came across this site this morning and I wanted to share. It's called Operation Worship and their mission is to send out Christian music and bible to military communities worldwide. I think that is so cool.

They had a goal of sending 100,000 bibles in 100 days this summer. And even though the summer is over, they still hope people will continue to send bibles. They requested that people buy the special edition camo bible and write a personal message to a soldier inside, then give it to the store and they will pass it on to be sent overseas.

You can also order bibles by the case. They will be sent to you in cases of 32 for $171.68. It would be a great project for a church to take on. Or a youth group, homeschool group, etc. They can have fundraisers to raise the money. Anyway, I just thought I would share about it in case anyone was interested in it.

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