Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Grandma's funeral

Yesterday was Aaron's grandma's funeral. She, along with her mother, husband and son are buried out at Restland Cemetary in Dallas. That cemetary is huge! It is so big and there are tree's everywhere. It is really beautiful out there.

If for whatever reason we don't move to Washington and we live out the rest of our days in Texas, I think I would like to be buried there. It's just that nice.

The service was small but nice. The kid's got to see grandma and say goodbye to her. Sara had a ton of questions for me. I don't think she really quite understood it. Aaron, Anthony and I sat in the front row with Aaron's dad, Dorsey. Nicole (Aaron's lil sis) sat a few rows back on the opposite side and at one point I turned around and saw Sara with her leg all hiked up and motioned for Nicole to make her put it down. Sara told Nicole that she was wearing shorts underneath her dress! She apparently didn't see the need to keep her leg down.

Well, I caught Emma's attention at that point and she smiled a big ol grin at me. Wearing plastic vampire teeth. Ugh! My rotten kids! I think that will always be the most memorable part of it for me and Emma will forever be teased for it.

When the service in the chapel was over we headed over to the gravesite. There they brought out balloons for us to release her spirit to Heaven. That was cool because I was able to use that to help Sara understand that it was just grandma's body in the casket and her spirit was up in Heaven with God now.

It was strange going back to Aaron's dad's house and grandma isn't in her room watching the news. That woman loved the news, especially politics. I think there was only one thing that wasn't in the eulogy. Coupons. Grandma loved her some coupons! We had a laugh about that.

Here is one of the beautiful arrangements from the funeral. Dorsey sent it home with us. It is huge! And it's actually 5-6 seperate plants in pots put in a basket. I thought that was really neat.

This is the angel windchime that the girl's made for grandma one Christmas. We brought it home with us and I told Sara that she had grandma's angel watching over her now.

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