Monday, September 29, 2008

crappy day

Today was such a crappy day. My monthly visitor decided to drop by unannounced and not very welcome either. Normally I don't care but I have the worst cramps in the world and that made for a very crabby mommy today.

I feel bad for the kid's. I think the girl's thought that I had lost my mind while we were doing school. They often heard "yeah yeah yeah that's fine just hurry up and get it done". Errrrr Sara is just so incredibly slow when it comes to coloring thing's. I tend to forget that she is 5 and enjoy's to color, and that means she takes her time. From now on I am doing the coloring subjects at the end of the school day.

We are going to be working on finishing up learning about Egypt this week because Monday is our field trip to see the King Tut exhibit. We are also finishing up weather in science so we can move onto nutrition and our bodies. I was planning on doing that one for a month but normally we only do science twice a week. With this unit, we will do it every day. I am really looking forward to it, I have ton's of activities for them.

I needed to lay down (on my wonderful heating pad) I felt so bad, so I took down our Boggle Jr. and My First Rummikub and had the girl's sit on my bed and play games with me. I love Boggle Jr. It teaches the kid's how to spell words. Unfortunately it doesn't hold their attention long. The rummikub game was too hard for Sara and too easy for Emma. {sigh} I fell asleep before I could get the regular Rummikub game down to play with her.

Now I'm awake and Sara fell asleep in Anthony's room watching Nanny McPhee. I want a Nanny McPhee. She is awesome. Made those bad children behave. "what you need, is Nanny McPhee"....yes, yes I do. Actually the kid's were really good today. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel better.

Aaron and I keep going back and forth with taking the kid's to Mainstay Farm for their Homeschool Day. He doesn't want to go and I don't want to pay the $35 to go. Maybe we will take the kid's to the dollar movies to see Kung Fu Panda instead. In fact, that is a great idea. Anthony is finishing up his China unit this week and he is doing a lapbook on Giant Panda's. See, I can mark it down as an educational field trip. ;) Us homeschooler's have to be creative ya know!

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Super Healthy Kids said...

We just saw Kung fu panda at the dollar theater. My kids loved it! Hope you feel better today.