Thursday, September 18, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs #5

Since I’ve been making you work really hard on the previous Memoir themes I decided to take a little break, and do something fun! This week I want to invite you to share a few of your favourite things - er - sites. I know the list of favourite things could be never-ending, but I’ve made a list for you to do regarding your favourite homeschool things.

Magazines/Carnivals - Blissfully Domestic
Freebie sites - Currclick (homeschool freebies) today it's a free slavery lapbook
Homeschool news/informative- I don't really know any that I can think of
Forums/book clubs - I have two forums I visit...I'm not sharing though
Networking, Blog “About” - there isn't a particular site I visit for this
Mom site - again, not's a local site, so most wouldn't be interested anyway
Inspirational/encouraging/motivational - Bring The Rain this chick is so inspirational, such a good heart and spirit
Youth/kid - I don't go to kid's sites really. I do visit Family Fun a lot, does that count?
Memes - this one of course!! lol Homeschool Memoirs
Organizing/crafts - again, Family Fun
Homemaking/Homesteading - The Family Homestead. I have loved this website for several years now and Crystal is a really sweet person to talk to.
Bible-focused - Living Proof Ministries blog. (there are 2 links there, blog is seperate from the LPM website) I love Beth Moore. I would love to drive down to Houston sometime to attend a service at the First Baptist Church.
Homeschool Method - Little Acorn Learning. Well, I have to say that the method we use is more Charlotte Mason than anything else. BUT, I do appreciate the Waldorf method and this is a great site about it. And the owner is super nice. When I couldn't get my guide to download she actually called me and we figured out what I (yes I said I) was doing wrong.
Family blog - this was hard. I like too many blog's for different reasons. Here are a few of the ones I visit most often, in no particular order...

I'm getting aggravated at Blogger because I am trying to fix the spacing on the links and it won't let me. Oh well...errr

I will stop there because I really could go on. So that's it. I'm not too exciting in my choices. I can't wait to check out what other people put though, maybe I will pick up a new fav site!


amyswandering said...

The Family Homestead looks like a great site - thanks for sharing!

tina said...

Can I join you to your car ride to Houston?! I ove Beth, too!!!