Friday, September 5, 2008

kid free weekend!

So I begged my mom to come and get the girl's for me this weekend. I haven't had a weekend free from them in at least 6 months and I have a ton of stuff to do. Anthony is staying here but since he is capable of taking care of himself, it still counts as a kid free weekend!! woohoo

On my to-do list are:
1. clean the house (including the bathroom, yuck)

2. all of the laundry (including actually putting it on hangers and into the closet hehehe)

3. finish painting the girl's closet

4. clean and organize the girl's room

5. post my article (oh yeah, forgot to tell y'all about that...I will later)

6. plan out next week's school lessons

7. make copies of whatever material's I need for next week

8. maybe go to the library and renew some of the books we still need next week

9. do my bible study homework

10. oh and we are going to church...I forgot about the girl's wanting to go to church too, oh well, they can go next week...they are going to be mad at me though because they love church

So what are your weekend plans? If anyone wants to trade with me, feel free!!!

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Holly said...

Moms are great aren't they?! That is awesome! Sounds like you are going to get a lot done!! This weekend is busy for us....aren't most weekends?!?! LOL!!! Hope you have a great weekend of getting stuff done!!