Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!

Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary to us!!

September 9, 2001

Today marks the 7th anniversary of the day we got married. We got married on a Friday at the Justice of the Peace's office in Lewisville. That was not the original plan. At all. Our wedding day was scheduled for April 6, 2002. I had a dress that I loved (I bought the dress a month before he asked me to marry him. What can I say? I just knew). I had every last detail planned out in advance.

So what happened? This is how the conversation went....

Aaron: Hey we have a credit card with $1000 on it, let's buy a new computer

Me: okay

Aaron: Hey, instead of buying a computer, we should go to Vegas

Me: no

Aaron: Please, let's go to Vegas

Me: Well if we are going to go to Vegas, it's right by my family in California, let's go visit them

My mom: Hey I have stuff in storage in California, I'll pay for the truck if you bring back my stuff with you

Aaron: Okay

Me: Well if we are going to spend all of this money on a trip just a few months before we get married, we might as well just get married and make this our honeymoon

Aaron: As long as I get to go to Vegas (ok, he didn't really say that part)

So that is how we came to get married 7 months before our original wedding date. I didn't even wear my dress because I didn't have the slip and it wasn't steamed and we planned the trip out in a week and a half and took off. I had it planned out great. We were gone for 8 days. We got to spend a day in San Francisco and 3 days in Vegas, and on the road pretty much for the rest, all for $1200.
The bad part. The 2nd day of our honeymoon happened to be September 11th. Luckily everything had been booked in advance with hotels and rental cars, otherwise we would have been somewhat stranded. But anyways.....

Seven years later and here we still are. I still love Aaron as much as I ever did and we haven't killed each other yet, so it seems to be going good. What is funny is that in Sunday School this morning they began a new series about marriage and the first thing that was said is that the average marriage only lasts 7 years. It looks like we got it beat!

Here we are in Vegas on our honeymoon

This was taken last week. Oh how we've changed. Mainly just older and fatter. Que Sera Sera!

This is pretty obvious where we are. This was back in 2004? Pretty sure

At the top of the Space Needle

This was taken a year before we got married. So young (and I'm quite pasty)

The bible verse that was read when we were married.


Holly said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! Love the pics of you two!!

Shelly said...

Way to go!! 7 years congrats!!!!