Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our Wednesday

We had a ton of stuff to do yesterday, so here are some picture's from our day.
Here is Sara when she first got up yesterday. She look's sooo wide awake doesn't she? lol

All ready to go out to lunch.

Trying to buy paint at Walmart and Anthony was being his usual dorky self. I am painting the girl's closet. For those of you who have never been to my house, the girl's closet is set up to be a little playhouse.

It's pretty big and fits their play kitchen, washer & dryer and vanity. I am working on transforming it and just wait until I'm done!! It look's awesome already but it won't be ready to be revealed for at least another week. Or two, just depends on how busy I am.

Do you ever wonder why I have so many pictures of Sara? I will tell's because the child never leaves my side!! Seriously, she will take her toys and sit on the floor right beside me wherever I am and play. What can I say? She loves me.

Here is Emma outside the church where her Girl Scout meeting's are. She was really excited to see her friend's again. And they were excited to see her too. One of the girl's yelled out that Emma was there and ran up to her and hugged her. We have an awesome troop and I am so glad that she is a part of it.

Next week I have a meeting to go to so I can sign Sara up for Daisy's. She has been very patient this summer waiting to meet her own friend's.

After Girl Scouts we came home and got ready to go to church. The kid's started Awana's and I started a bible study with the ladie's at church. I found our new church when I took the kid's there for VBS this summer.

They actually went to 3 VBS's but there was just something special about this church. It is smaller and it reminds me of how our old church in East Texas was. Everyone remembered the kid's from VBS and went right up and got them to go to their group's.

They just started a new branch of Awana's for 7th and 8th graders called Trek, aka Leaders in Training. At first they had Anthony in this group but the leaders really need to know their scripture well and Anthony just isn't there yet. So they put him in Truth & Training with the 6th graders. But even though some are in 6th grade, they were 12 (Anthony's age), so it's all good. And when we got home I was able to find Anthony's old Awana's shirt which has the Truth & Training logo on it and still fits! Awesome.

The girl's are both in Sparks but in different groups. When we got there Sara got out of the car and said "I forgot my shoes at home" Ahhh! how the heck do you forget to put shoes on? Sara is still shy when it comes to stuff like this, but hopefully she will come out of her shell this year.

The bible study I joined is on the book Before His Throne: Discovering the Wonder of Intimacy with a Holy God. It should be a good one. But I do hope they will do a Beth Moore study next because I just love her to death!

The first day of Homeschool PE was yesterday too but we are skipping this week. And with the schedule of events for Wednesday's, it looks like the kid's will not have school on Wednesday's at all. Which means Saturday school. Aaron is always working on Saturday's so we are here anyways.

So that was our was yours?

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